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Olympia has a lot to offer from its great farmers market, to its Opera Pacifica, to its amazing parks and open space, its historic downtown; to the nearby Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. There is something for everyone to enjoy. If you live at 123 – 4th Ave Apartments you can walk to many of these amenities.

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The nearby Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is where the Nisqually River meets the Puget Sound. This 3000 acre habitat reserve is a rich example of Washington’s delicate coastal environment.

Fun Fact: How many light bulbs does it take?
By way of its enormous chandelier, the capitol dome hosts the largest collection of Tiffany Lamps in the world – 438 individual lamps in all. The chandelier is 25 feet long, 10 feet wide and weighs 10,000 pounds.

Fun Fact: Why is Washington called the Evergreen State?

Washington was nicknamed the Evergreen State in 1893 by Seattle realtor and pioneer C.T. Conover, in reference to the state’s abundance of trees and forests particularly in the Puget Sound region.

Fun Fact: How much does it rain here? Washington’s wet weather is responsible for our lush green landscapes. Seattle receives around 36 inches of annual rainfall while the Olympic Peninsula can get nearly 200 inches in places!

1914 label courtesy of Brewery Gems

Fun Fact: Free Water Shapes City

Based on a 1940 survey the City of Olympia has 96 documented artesian wells; more recent studies indicate that about 30% of those wells are still in operation. Many historians believe the ample access to water was what drew early tribal settlers to the area. In 1895 entrepreneur Leopold Schmidt would build the Olympia Brewery company over what is believed to be 20 of the wells which were densely located in one area.

Fun Fact: What’s in those hills? The Cascade Mountains are known to be the snowiest place in the continental U.S. The highest peak is Mount Rainier which is 14, 410 feet tall and equal to 368 square miles of land. They are home to over 1600 kinds of plants, 200 bird species, 75 kinds of mammals, 28 varieties of fish, 21 reptiles and amphibians; AND 1 SASQUATCH!

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