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Olympia is known for its historic architecture and charming downtown. In fact, 123 – 4th Ave is located in Olympia’s landmark historic district – a national designation made in 2004 recognizing 50 buildings that contribute to the area known as Old Town.

The apartments at 123 – 4th Ave are not far from Washington State’s capitol campus and hub of the state’s history making governance. The campus is a beautiful place for taking a walk and soaking in the civic pride of the Capitol Building and other stately structures.

While the NW is now known as much for technology as trees, our early timber based economy helped shape communities like Olympia and continues to contribute to the area’s overall economic development. Developments like 123 – 4th help foster our evergreen legacy with new building models and greener standards that protect our important natural resources. As a LEED certified project, 123 – 4th provides a great foundation for a lighter footprint and inspiring lifestyles that will keep Washington green for many years to come.